EVGA GTX 480 and GTX 470 Box shows up

It seems that someone on the EVGA forums asked to see the EVGA GTX 480 and GTX 470 box after seeing the Galaxy one on here. Well sometimes all you have to do is ask with it then being posted

Galaxy GTX 400 Series Box Renders arrive

This afternoon out of nowhere I had a couple of renders show up in my inbox of the Galaxy GTX 400 boxes. Seems that someone didn’t want to be left out after seeing the Gigabyte ones posted earlier. This time

HD 5830 Prepare for Power!

This is very cool, very exciting and very much a rumour at the moment but it seems that HD 5830 is going to really begin to kick ass. Word is that some companies might want to create some noise by

GTX 400 Series Should you wait?

It’s a tough question and really you have to think if you’ve waited months and months for the GTX 400 series what is another month? At the moment we know the product is going to launch at PAX 2010 on

NVIDIAs Surround Gaming on Fermi

It doesn’t matter what you call it, be it GF 100, Fermi or 300 series the new line up of NVIDIA cards are coming, albeit a bit later then we had hoped. What NVIDIA has done though over the past

Let me help MMT a little on GTX 400 Series

GTX470 is a little quicker than HD5850, Arghhhhhhhhhhh – I hate to say it but it’s not all the time! while at higher resolutions with 8AA or better, it even out performs HD5970. Yeah; nah not really! At 2560 x