This is very cool, very exciting and very much a rumour at the moment but it seems that HD 5830 is going to really begin to kick ass. Word is that some companies might want to create some noise by placing HD 5850 cores on the HD 5830 and giving people the ability to “unlock” some stream processors.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this happen, we saw one company do it with the X800 at one stage and we also saw the HD 4830 get the same fate. You might have some mixed feelings on the HD 5830 at the moment but if this does indeed become true this will quickly become the “in” card to own.

When you look at the fact you’ll be able to get HD 5850 performance out of the box with probably a bios hack and then with an overclock get HD 5870 performance this card is going to become one of the hottest things on the market.

At the moment it’s only whispers but it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise. And honestly it would completely take the lime light away from NVIDIA because they won’t have anything that can compete with something like this.

Fingers cross it happens; if we get some more updates we’ll let you know.

In case you wonder how something like this would accidentally get through quality control word is: “….when the worker go to have a cup of coffee, the chance of happening increase dramatically” Always appreciate it when someone steps away from the work station for a moment