There’s good news and bad news; the bad news is that the GTX 400 series has been pushed back to April 6th. The good news is that it’s only in reference to retail supply and not the actual NDA; so come the 26th of March we’ll all know what performance will be.

If you thought that you were going to pick one up retail that day though you where wrong, the original date for stock to be selling was the 29th but now it seems to be April 6th.

This morning we heard that NVIDIA had changed the strategy for sending samples; instead of partners sending them out NVIDIA are taking charge and sending out themselves. We’re not 100% sure why they’re doing this but it could be because NVIDIA doesn’t want any leaks on the results until the 26th. Quite often we see NVIDIA push a driver to us at the last minute and it’s possible that this could happen with the GTX 400 series.

If performance numbers come out on an older driver it’s possible that performance won’t be as good and in turn could seal the fate of the new series before it’s even officially released. Holding cards back from its partners though until launch means that it’s going to take a little longer for the cards to hit retail.

So while it’s not great news in the event you want to pick up a GTX 480 on the 26th it doesn’t change the fact that come 10 days time we’ll know how the model performs.




Now You Can Have an Online Business With These Easy Tips

If you are naturally drawn to making money through owning a business, you may have discovered that you can bring your company to a more convenient way especially when you were able to take the time and other online experts, as the rate of success for so many businesses online has been quite abundant through the years. In fact, it is a great opportunity for you to pursue this kind of trend especially since many of the well known brand have also seen the potential of racking in more clients and consumers by being present in the online community.


Start Simple

When you are a bit unsure of how to go about improving on your business online, you should take the time to focus on the little things first and improve on these in the long run. Bring in focus on one or two products and services for the mean time and as you get to see grown and development from these that is when you can come along with your over all improvements as a brand, as in this way your market is already familiar with what you can do and have a particular identification with what you can offer to them.

Promote for Free

It still seems silly for some but the range of so many social media networks in racking in more clients has become very notable through the years, which is why it is a great way for you to be very up to date with these different promotion driven sites as these are very useful not just because of their reach but because you can use these for free. This is a great way for you to be able to offer the best deals for your business and with the fact these are also very user friendly web pages, it becomes a lot easier for you to be sure that you get to your market faster and at a better pace.


Word of Mouth

Although being online is of great convenience there is still a big scope that can make your business better when you take in line the ability of referrals too especially when you begin with people who you trust like family and friends. Having the time to bring in actual people in the real world and make sure that they too can promote your brand can be a great provision for you to optimize, so become rest assured that your brand will be able to gain that stature of becoming well promoted through this simple step as well.


Channel Creativity

For sure you have experienced being a consumer and have found out the hard way and become very disappointed with some of the varied products and services out there, so much so that you have told yourself that you will make a better job at creating a business that has a lot more potential. Having that kind of idea is a great way for you to improve on your online business and be sure that you get to increase your chances of success and development through the years, as this will certainly make it easier for you to adapt.