I’ve said that there’s so much that I want to do with my blog, I don’t want it to be another blog which regurgitates information that’s already on the net or gives the opinion of someone who doesn’t really matter. I want to bring you information that’s fresh and perspective of people who are in the industry.

For that reasons I’m glad to announce ShaneBaxtor.com first Featured Blogger. The idea behind a Featured Blogger is that they’ll be able to bring something to the table that I can’t, and the reason they’re here is because they’re unable to manage a blog which needs daily updates due to their own business or work commitments, instead with some spare time here and there they can give us a fresh perspective once or twice a month or every week.

The first Featured Blogger is a good friend of mine; Rex, Owner of iBuyPower Australia and PC Maniacs who has worked with me a number of times on TweakTown.com in some of our most exciting articles like HD 4870 CrossFire X @ 4GHz when I was living in Melbourne, Australia will be able to offer something I can’t.

Being the Owner and Operator of two of Australia’s premier e-tailors and a computer enthusiast himself, Rex is going to bring a perspective of what it’s like owning and operating these two websites. He’ll cover everything from why he’s selling one brand over another, insight of what it’s like running these businesses and his thoughts on the latest products he’s using himself.

We hope to have what will be known as the Power Report become a weekly feature but our plan for featured bloggers is that they’ll do what they can when they can.

Aside from this we’ll be starting competitions from next week, the plan is to have two one will be a global competition open to everyone which will more than like have a different sponsor every time we run one. The second is one open to Australian Residents Only and sponsored by PC Maniacs, the first prize that’s going to be given away is a Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard. Details on how to enter will be posted soon.

For now though I want to welcome Rex to what will become a premier board of Featured Bloggers and look forward to seeing his first Power Report.

Just a quick update on the site, and Knock Knock Delivery, we’re now on a dedicated server and since the transfer of the site happened when I would do Knock Knock Delivery it hasn’t happened yet. I will work on it though over the next 24 hours so keep an eye out. I also hope that the new server feels speedy 🙂