We live in a world where it’s about the people you know and not what you know; over the years I’ve always understood how important it is to have the right contacts but honestly until I started my blog I never really felt the true importance to knowing the right people.

Since the launch of my blog; which was unofficially the 20th of January the site has had 1937 Unique visitors for 7347 page views. Now while that feels like a small amount when compared to TweakTown which has probably done that amount of traffic in the time you’ve read this it’s a good number when comparing to other sites.

I was recently speaking to someone who’s been running there own site for a while now; they currently do 3000 page views a month. In less than a month since launch I’ve done over double that. Now I don’t want to give the impression that I’m trying to big note myself but these are numbers you need to know.

The day I launched my blog I had exclusive news about the Galaxy GTS 250 Dual GPU card. The first official day, I had news that most websites didn’t have and I had that because of the people I know. In less than 14 days I had secured a prize for my Australian readers and one for everyone else in the world. Again because of the people I know.

It’s so hard to start a website these days; especially a tech one for the simple fact they’re so many established ones. For starters you can’t just email Gigabyte and ask for a HD 5970, you don’t even know who to contact, and if you follow the links on the website you don’t get to anyone that’s really able to help you.

The thing is though the people I know give me the content to make my site what it is; what it all comes down to though are the people I don’t know. The people I don’t know are the ones visiting the site. Without the people I know though the people I don’t know wouldn’t have a reason to come.

In the first month I’ve done more traffic then I had hoped, upgraded to a dedicated server, got my first featured blogger, locked in two competitions and managed to keep up with almost a post a day on content that’s unique while pushing out 19 reviews for TweakTown this year.

On that note I just want to give a quick thanks to everyone, be it someone I’ve worked with for years or a first time visitor. if you want to keep up with blog posts you can check out my twitter account here or my Facebook page here. If you’re an Aussie you should jump on our competition here and if you’re from anywhere else check out our global competition here.