ATI are really on the ball lately; they’re not about to sit on their morals though and hope that the HD 5970 is going to get them through the green minefield that is going to be laid soon. The 10.3 driver set was already looking promising for people with Eyefinity thanks to some good features being implemented; yesterday though AMD dropped a bomb shell when it came to performance improvements of what was being offered in the new driver.

If you don’t know what’s on offer I recommend you check out my blog post from yesterday here.

Instead of making us wait around for a WHQL driver though they’ve thrown the preview driver up giving people the chance to get in on the party now.

You can grab the driver here; of course it’s a beta so blah blah blah it’s at your own risk and what not but I’ve been using it for the past 24 hours and haven’t experienced any problems, let’s just say that the fan hasn’t stopped running on my card and died in Starcraft.

Anyway grab the driver and keep an eye out on TweakTown for a preview of it on a number of ATIs HD 5800 series cards.