I’ve got an Eyefinity6 card at the moment but am yet to receive an active DVI adapter since what I really want to do with the card is compare it to the HD 5870 1GB at 2560 x 1600 to see just how much the extra memory helps.

Doing some research and talking to partners though it’s clear that they’re preparing to make a HD 5870 2GB; when we say HD 5870 2GB how this differs to the Eyefinity6 is that the card will carry the standard two Dual-Link DVI connectors, HDMI and single DisplayPort for support up to three monitors.

Why we haven’t seen the model yet though? It’s clearly because of stock being an issue for many months with cards becoming really available only now.

As for an ETA there’s no 100% date but I’ve been told it won’t be far away.