Reviewers have GTX 400 series cards and no doubt that within the community of them talk is happening on what we think of the models. It would come as no surprise to know that now ATI probably have a fair idea about how the GTX 400 series competes against their current line up of video cards.

Word floating about was that if need be a price drop would take place to combat the new cards from NVIDIA; as for a refresh one might be ready but we haven’t heard anything all that solid on that. For now ATI still need to get the Eyefinity6 model launched.

As far as a price drop goes though it seems ATI and its partners are comfortable with how the models sit and with stock becoming a non issue for the cards; they don’t have anything to worry about it seems.

The GTX 400 series has been plagued with issues but within only days we’ll know exactly how the two models perform. There’s no doubt that ATI have a fair idea of how the models perform against their current crop of cards though.