If you find yourself wanting to get into the GTX 400 series fun but disappointed with the high price tag of the current top two models good news is just around the corner. Well to be more precise good news is in the paragraph below but owning one is just around the corner.

The GTX 465 which some people thought would be known as the GTX 460 is due to come out on the 1st of June. Details on the model are a bit sketchy at the moment with very little known. What I can tell you thought is that stock doesn’t look like it’s going to be an issue.

With the model still weeks away we’ve been told by multiple manufacteres that they already have stock and samples will be ready to ship this week.

What this means is that we’ll probably start seeing leaked results show up in the next week but please remember with so long before the official launch date a new driver helping performance shouldn’t be far off. I know once I get mine it won’t be slid into the testbed till closer to launch just to make sure we’re using the most up to date driver.