Recently talking to a few companies we’re getting word that midyear we’ll begin to see companies really mix it up when it comes to the design of GTX 480s. At the moment we’ve been told that NVIDIA are just shipping reference cards; if a company wants to change the cooler they can swap it out; as for overclocking they can throw a new bios on it.

What the design kits will do is give companies the chance to build cards from the ground up; something similar to the way we’ve seen Gigabyte do with the HD 5870 SOC and MSI with the Lightning series.

It will be interesting what happens when companies really take the time to dive into the kit and see what kind of potential is possible.

When we hear more about particular models we’ll let you know; for now though it looks like the fastest single GPU video card will only be getting faster in the coming months.

We figure that most companies are going to want to have something on display at Computex so no doubt that will be an interesting time as always.