I don’t really know much about the whole setup but it’s a portable computer for the most part that can clearly be flown with thanks the massive beast that is the Pelican 1510 case. In one of the pictures over in his Picaso album he mentions “When TSA opens it it does look like a bomb so have some printouts of the computer parts to show them”

Inside the massive setup is an EVGA X58 4-Way SLI motherboard, Quadro 5800 card and two FusionIO cards stacked. Cooling is provided by a Corsair H50 and a 64GB SSD is present as a boot drive while a 320GB Velicorapter is there for storage. While RAM isn’t mentioned a Tri-Chan OCZ kit is seen which we figure is eaither a 6GB or 12GB one.

Two keyboards are present; ones the Apple Bluetooth one; in the event though that you need to get into the bios a little USB fold out one is also inside.