While we wait for NVIDIA to release the exciting end of its new product line up; read not GT 220 and GT 240 end. ATI are finishing off the other end with the launch of some new models in February which include the HD 5570 and HD 5450.

I mentioned in December that the HD 5400, HD 5500 and HD 5600 where all due out January 7th, as that date got closer though it was clear this wasn’t going to happen, instead the HD 5600 launched not long after the original date while the HD 5400 and HD 5500 series which where suppose to launch at CES got pushed back to an unknown date.

The good news though is that today I’ve received NDA dates for the new series, the HD 5450 is ready to ship as of today, reviews will be going live on February 4th. The HD 5570 will ship a day or two later and it’s launch date has been set for February 9th.

As for the HD 5830 a January 5th date is extremely unlikely now as I mentioned last week since no company has samples ready. When we do get more information on the model though I’ll be sure to let you know.

For now though some more budget HD 5000 series cards are going to have to do, keep an eye out in this week’s *Knock Knock* Delivery post to see if our samples have arrived. If anything changes I’ll be sure to let you know and don’t forget when the launch is lifted you’ll be able to see my reviews over at TweakTown.com.