Not only is this the week that I’ve chosen to get into the swing of things when it comes to my blog but it’s also the week samples have started to roll in again, aside from the Sapphire HD 5670 that came earlier in the month that was ready for the NDA launch.

Over the year I tend to hit a few slow spots when it comes to samples, it tends to be January, mid February due to Chinese New Year and mid year when Computex is on. So while my first edition of *Knock Knock* Delivery! isn’t as packed as I would like the good news is that companies seem ready to get samples off before CNY which means over the next few weeks the numbers should increase.

If you don’t know already my areas at TweakTown are Video Cards and RAM. Which means that’s what these pieces are going to be full off, saying that though I do venture out to other areas every once and while, at the end of it all though you’ll know what came in.