Everything is getting back into the swing of things with a few more samples arriving this week, we should have a couple of busy weeks before Chinese New Year which starts on the 13th of February and comes to a close on the 21st which means we’ll hit a bit of a dead spot. We won’t worry about that though, instead let’s have a look what I’ve received this week.

In the world of memory Corsair sent over another blistering fast kit of RAM with a default clock speed of 2400MHz DDR. Like the previous kit I looked at it really gave me a chance to find out just how much room was on offer from my ASROCK P55 TestBed. I really thought that getting too 2400MHz wouldn’t be an easy task but I was proved wrong. To check out the full review of the kit head on over to TweakTown.

The Video Card world was a little busier, MSI shipped over a HD 5670 1GB which uses their own cooler design. The review of this one has been done and will be posted on TweakTown sometime early next week.

HIS finally sent over some IceQ+ cards in the form of the HD 5670 and HD 5750. I say finally because lately we’ve seen iCooler and reference models from the company and it’s been ages since we’ve seen a model make use of the IceQ+ cooler. I’m actually benching these cards at the moment and you should see the reviews for these two cards show up some time later next week. Now all we really need is some Turbo models from the company and I’ll be really happy.

In my first *Knock Knock* Delivery! post I made mention that the reference HD 5670 from ATI had arrived, my plan was to CrossFire that but with the model not carrying CrossFire ports and being a 512MB model instead of a 1GB that plan quickly changed. Instead that card made for an interesting 512MB vs 1GB HD 5670 article and you can see that one here. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking at buying one of these lower end cards.

If you’re a bit bummed that the CrossFire article wasn’t done the good news is that I used the MSI which did carry CrossFire ports and 1GB of memory. As mentioned above that review should show up early next week.

Last week my HD 5670 overclocking also article went online, if you’re interested in that one you can see it here . For memory fans if you’re into overclocking, looking at a single Video Card setup and you’re tossing up between a P55 setup or an X58 one another article of mine comparing the performance of the two in mainly memory related areas but also some games might be useful to you.

Next week we’ll see some new models arrive along with an NDA being lifted on one.