If you had some time off over Chinese New Year I hope you had a good time and you’re ready to get back in to work Monday. As expected from a sample stand point this week it was a little quiet because of CNY.

Something a bit different from Gigabyte arrived early in the week in the form of the M8000 Xtreme Gaming mouse. This thing was pretty awesome actually, you should see a review show up on TweakTown over the next few days. I’ll link to it next week anyway in case you miss it.

As far as video cards went this week I didn’t see anything new which didn’t come as too much of a surprise. On the RAM front I saw a 4GB 2200MHz kit from A-DATA which is part of the Gaming series arrive but apart from that nothing else.

Hopefully since everyone comes back to work Monday samples should pick up again from next week with the HD 5830s showing up.

While not many samples arrived it was a busy week when it came to reviews, not only did the new Catalyst 10.2s arrive but the NDA lifted on the new 1-2 Punch features from ATI which is to do with the 10.2 and 10.3 driver set features. You can see that article here and a Performance Analysis of the 10.2s here.

I finally got around to looking at a Lite-On Blu-ray player which has been hanging around for a while and you can see that review here while a couple of HIS IceQ+ reviews went online with the HD 5670 being here and the HD 5750 here. Also I made mention of the PowerColor HD 5870 PCS+ going online last Friday, if you missed that one you can see it here.

While samples have slowed down a little this week; next week is still going to be a busy one with a few RAM kits to test and no doubt the HD 5830 as the NDA comes off on the 25th/26th depending where you are.