While the memory front this week has thankfully calmed down giving me a bit of a chance to play catch up on the P55 test system the HD 5800s are beginning to roll in again thanks to companies who were hoping to have fancier versions before CNY but not quite making the deadline.

HIS sent over the HD 5870 Turbo which carries with it both an overclock and a fancier heatsink fan combination. It’s been in the testbed already and is looking pretty nice. Keep an eye out hopefully later this week or early the following week for a review.

MSI also sent over a HD 5870 but this one is the special Lightning version that looks Oh so Sweet! I have actually tested this card already but since this is really the cream of the crop when it comes to MSI products they working on new BIOSes all the time to improve the card; just tonight I got a new one which is suppose to increase the RAM overclock even more which means it’ll be going back into the testbed for some love.

MSI also figured that they may as well save on some postage cost and chose to send over the HD 5830 at the same time as the HD 5870. I’ve had a brief look at the card but I was waiting on the new Afterburner software that is suppose to give me the ability to adjust the voltage on this model. With that just coming in the last few hours it’s sliding its way into a PCI-E slot in the next 24 hours.

As for some content that you should be looking at; make sure you check out the Sapphire HD 5830 review here in where I Crossfired the two HD 5830s I had and if you’re looking for some new RAM that’s fast and stable check out the Hyper-X PC3-17600 4GB Kingston review here.