It comes as no surprise that I wake up this morning to word that a new date for the HD 5830 was set, the 18th date, while I feel should be possible for ATI wasn’t going to fly for long due to the fact that it fell straight in the middle of Chinese New Year.

Now if there was a problem; getting a hold of a US ATI representative wasn’t going to be too much trouble but getting any information out of Asia was going to be extremely hard. So what I’m now hearing is the week of the 22nd.

This would pretty much be spot on with what I thought, a release date on the 26th or there about. The most important thing for ATI is that the model comes out before NVIDIA open the flood gates. Chinese New Year starts at the end of next week so there’s not going to be much time for the date to jump around again.

Fingers crossed that this date is locked in internally and we see it before February comes to a close. As always if anything new comes in about this model we’ll keep you updated including NDA papers with a date and time.