In some typical snooping around I’ve managed to get a date on what should be the HD 5830s launch, at the moment I’m currently hearing the 18th of February, there’s no reason why it should take any longer to come out as the issue with the HD 5830 regarding the ASIC was jumped on quickly and didn’t seem to be all that serious.

With that said it’s possible this date could get moved around slightly with it falling in the middle of Chinese New Year, unless companies have samples to ship out by the 12th it’s possible that the date could get pushed back to the 26th or even later due to Chinese New Year falling between the 14th and 21st of February.

The biggest thing for ATI is that the card launches before the new GTX 400 series, if they don’t the green light from the release of the new models is going to be too bright for the HD 5830 to combat and the model will fall in between the middle of GTX 400 series content on websites all over.

As always if anything chances we’ll let you know, if the Feb 18th is true that means that NDA paper work should be showing up soon, once we have that we’ll have a locked in date for the model like we did with the HD 5400 and HD 5500 models.