On closer inspection, the numbers that were provided to us by our source were outdated and at least one chap took offence to our earlier post and contacted us about it. He wasn’t happy, so we thought we would do some more fact checking and go over the numbers again for you.

While we are unsure if the following numbers are audited or not – they come right from the publishers media kits that they use to help sell ads. We thought we should do an update post and maybe clear things up a little.

What they didn’t know though is that the numbers we quoted were higher than they actually are according to their own media kits and information on their websites. What’s the issue then? I don’t know, but here we go.

PC User Australia 42,177 (ABC July 09 – Dec 09)
APC 32,191 (ABC July 09 – Dec 09)
PC Authority 26,349 (2010 media kit)
PC Power play 19,000 (ROY MORGAN DEC ’07 & YAS ’07)
Atomic 18,000 (2010 media kit)
ARN 10,315 (IDG website)

If you compare these numbers to the numbers in the other post, they are different, but not far off. We are sorry for the number errors. Having said that though, these numbers only go a way to show that TweakTown is now probably able to delivery almost four times as many readers as all of the top Australian magazines combined.

All of these numbers are publically available and we have taken screenshots of websites and documents for safe keeping.

On that note I do apologize for companies wanting to advertise with these magazines for making them look slightly better than they are. It’s nice to know that’s all been cleared up.