I really only participate on one forum and that’s Overclockers Australia. I’ve been a member for years but the problem is a few years ago the forums stopped being about computers and started being about everything else. The forums is ultimately a trade hub for Australians because multiple times the trade sections have been closed due to issues and each time the users have just left.

For a long time I really felt sorry for the advertisers here since while they advertised computer products majority of people where talking in other non related areas, and to be completely honest the advertisers on there don’t have the most aggressive pricing and as soon as someone asks where they should buy X product they just get pointed to the cheapest place, service and loyalty just never come into it. I really have no idea what the advertisers get out of advertising on the site, we need to start moving away from a banner only system which gets blocked or just ignored.

Lately though I’m feeling sorry for another group of people, the people that don’t know heaps about computers but are coming to OCAU to learn. For years the forums been full of people who think they know what they’re talking about but don’t, the good thing was though that regulars posted where able to at least inform people of the truth.

The has changed though, since the launch of the GTX 400 series you’ve got a lot of people who have spent money on the model and just tell lies about what happens to justify there purchase. I have a saying, “They who shout the loudest is most heard.” The problem is the forum is now becoming full of people who have too much time on their hands and can just ramble crap at every second.

Today I got banned again; it’s hardly the first time but here’s the reason.

You have been banned for the following reason:
24 hours for yet another video card fanboi argument.

Me! a fanboi!?!? I make a living off telling people about the latest graphics cards on the market, I’ll tell you right now, if I was a “fanboi” in any shape, way or form I wouldn’t have a job, and I wouldn’t have support from multiple companies because if I was a “fanboi” they know that nothing positive would be said about the product so it wouldn’t get sent to me. I offer an objective opinion on everything I review.

So what was this argument about? Well a forum member gave users the impression you could buy a HD 5770 and use it as a PhysX card. This user came back with excuses, oh it’s not what I meant, started dropping F bombs and what not. The bottom line is though he said he was going to buy a HD 5770 to go with his GTX 480, he didn’t say Could I get a HD 5770 to use as PhysX? This is one of those users who thinks they’re a real expert.

The thing is these users are everywhere but as OCAU has shifted from computing to everything else the smart to idiot ratio in the computing sections have shifted, and for the worse.

Honestly if you’re interested in talking to hardware enthusiasts you’re better off at forums like TweakTown and i4 Memory just going off my personal experience. Friends of mine have highly recommend [H], Guru3D and others as well though. If you want to talk about cars there’s plenty of car forums / clubs, Apple stuff? Well I discovered the MacTalk forums just the other day when I was just doing iPad searching.

OCAU is at a point where it’s Admins are like most the users, most of them don’t have an interest in computers anymore. That’s fine, no one says you have to like computers but when they’re the people deciding who should get banned and what should be deleted in the forums it’s hopeless, useful information gets deleted and lies stay because the Admins seem to base the decision on the tone of a post verse the information.

If you hate idiots and don’t feel like being silenced when you’re just trying to tell the truth check out some other forums. As for the advertisers there’s better deals out there, why be on a site where your banner is seen rarely and everyone just recommends the cheapest place.

People in Australia who are behind tech have been sitting on their asses for too long riding the wave, it’s time to shake it up and give Australian users, retailers and wholesalers a better deal!